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Camping closeness.

I went camping with my family over easter. Over the six days spent together, I couldn’t help but notice how connected I felt to them and the other friends and families we were with over that short time.   

Isn’t it funny that so many of us holiday away from our comparably big and spacious homes to go camping? So let’s get honest about why we do it. It certainly isn’t the thin mattress, lack of power, shared bathroom facilities or muddy campsite. So what, then?  

In addition to experiencing different environments and locations, it’s the opportunity for greater connection. The small confines of our tents and caravans best accommodate sleeping only, with all the fun, laughter and good times happening in the communal spaces around the fire—the real memory-making stuff.  

And I reckon there is a lesson in that when designing or renovating our homes.  

Our day-to-day lives are busy. As a result, our opportunities for connection are far more limited at home than when camping as we juggle work, school, activities and all the rest- And all the more reason to encourage togetherness and connection wherever possible.  

So what’s the lesson we can take from camping if we want to save on space and budget while encouraging connection; 

  1. Make the bedrooms and amenities just enough.  
  2. Focus your design and budget on the shared areas. 

Doing so will help to promote micro-moments of that camping closeness daily.