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A Teaspoon of Inspiration

Inspiration for our homes has never been so abundant- From magazines, Pinterest, websites, Instagram and our friends’ detailed journey of their home renovation or building project on Socials- We’re spoilt for choice.

But is having access to endless sources of inspiration a good thing? Sure- When used the right way.

Unfortunately, easy access to inspiring images has enabled ‘copy-catting’. Taking inspiration to the extreme of copying every detail within a picture or specification. In doing so, the copier squashes the opportunity to create something truly unique to them.

This is not the right way.

There is a good reason why you can’t find an image that reflects exactly what you want for your future home. It doesn’t exist yet.

Inspiration works best when embraced like an ingredient. I encourage my Home Build Mentoring clients to take a ‘Teaspoon of Inspiration’, most powerfully conveyed with notations. For example, an image with accompanying notations for a kitchen might include things like;

  • ‘We love this stone benchtop.’

  • ‘I love the natural timber shelves instead of overhead cupboards.’

  • ‘We love the combo of sage green and white on the joinery.’

You get the gist.

When we combine these ingredients, we’ll arrive at your kitchen for your home- A home that reflects you and your unique essence.

And you never know; your home may become a teaspoon of inspiration for somebody else’s project brief.