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Homes are about people

After twenty-plus years in the residential design and building industry, one thing I know for sure is that homes are about people. Homes are;

  • Made for people.
  • Designed by people, and
  • Built by people.

So it’s only natural that the people and relationships we engage play a big part in the success (or failure) of a new home build or renovation project.

The first relationship is always with yourself, the homeowner. Your intentions and actions will determine the path for your project. Understanding your project’s purpose and parameters is essential.

The second relationship is with your designer or design team. No two designers will actively listen to your ambitions or imagine the same design resolution for your project, so finding the right designer is pivotal.

The third relationship is with your builder or build team. The build process typically spans months or years. To enjoy rather than endure your build, you must find the right builder with whom you trust.

The success of your project depends on the success of each relationship. If one relationship fails, the whole project will fail.

There are many risks when designing, building or renovating haphazardly. Channelling your energies in establishing your intentions and then connecting with the right people becomes your risk mitigation strategy.

Then your future home is;

  • Made for people.
  • Designed by people
  • Built by people, and
  • Protected by people.