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Katie Rees


Deciding to do a major home renovation or a new build process can be a daunting prospect.

I should know- In addition to being instrumental in the design and documentation of nearly 200 individual homes, I have also undertaken both a major renovation and new home build for my own family.

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There is nothing quite so rewarding as sitting back in your beautiful home catered specifically to your family’s needs and desires- But the road itself can be bumpy and fraught with danger.  A friend once described the dream home journey to me as ‘hard-fun’, which I reckon sums up the process just about perfectly!

When commencing the journey, dream homemaker’s concerns generally carry a similar theme;

  • We don’t know where to start
  • We’re concerned with budget and blowouts
  • We want to ensure quality of design and build
  • We are too time poor to research and organise
  • We don’t know how to choose the right designer or builder
  • We are feeling overwhelmed with options

Do you relate to some of these?

When it comes to the navigating your dream home project, we can become stuck when we don’t have the right tools and direction to make good progressive decisions.

Would you like to?

  • Save up to $100k in project costs by understanding the overall process of building or renovating your dream home.
  • Actually, enjoy the process of imagining, designing and building your dream home.
  • Make confident decisions through every stage

You don’t need to go it alone

When going it alone, owners describe progressing in a state of caution, feeling drained and overwhelmed by the process and the mountain of choices. But when we do it together owners progress with confidence in their decisions and an eventual feeling of immense pride as they stand in their completed homes created just for them.

We can work through together with an option of (3) mentoring packages.

Kick Start Program

$ 250


If you are considering building, designing or renovating your home this kick-start program will set you in the right direction with unlimited lifetime access to:

  • Six 10-15 minute video modules covering;
  • 1. Getting Started
  • 2. Zooming Out to Get the Big Picture
  • 3. You and Your Brief
  • 4. Design and Documentation
  • 5. Tender Process + Your Builder
  • 6. Build and Love Your Home
  • A downloadable worksheet is available in each module to action what has been covered specifically for your project.
  • Access to the 'Kick Start Program' Facebook Group where you can ask questions and share your findings with fellow home owners navigating their own dream home journey
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Dream Home Preparation Intensive

$ 5,000


Let’s do this together.

The Dream Home Preparation Intensive delivers a customised strategy for your project.

This six-week intensive program includes:

  • Weekly 1hr personal coaching sessions covering:
  • 1. Getting Started
  • 2. Zooming Out to Get the Big Picture
  • 3. You and Your Brief
  • 4. Design and Documentation
  • 5. Tender Process + Your Builder
  • 6. Build and Love Your Home
  • Weekly 30-minute videos released prior to our session laying the foundations for each topic, allowing us to focus our one-on-one time to customise your project strategy.
  • (3) E-Books released fortnightly
  • '5 Mistakes Home Owners make’
  • 'A home for Wellness and Connection’
  • ‘Keeping Control of your Build’
  • (2) x AMA (Ask Me Anything) Telephone or video sessions at anytime during your Dream Home journey
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Dream Home Project Mentoring

$ 7,000


Let’s navigate your Dream Home project together every step of the way.

Kick off begins with the ‘Dream Home Preparation Intensive’ plus:

  • (4) 2hr strategy sessions scheduled at pivotal development stages:
    Having met with potential designers, we get down to the heart of who is the absolute best fit for your project. You will enter into the design phase knowing your designer understands the parameters and ambitions for your dream home.
    The design has been presented!! Is it everything you hoped for? Are we on target for budget? We dive deep to ensure the design is the right response for you and your family.
    Council approval has been obtained, construction documentation prepared and supporting consultant’s reports collated. We explore how to find the right prospective builders and how to put your project to tender.
    Builders pricing is submitted, but are you comparing apples with apples? Are there any prime cost or provisional sums that might blow the budget down the track? We’ll compare pricing and the dynamics of the relationship between you and your builder.
  • Champagne on the deck
    At the completion of your successful project let me supply the champagne to celebrate the creation of your amazing customised home.
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