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How planning a wedding and planning a new home build is similar.

In a recent conversation, about Home Build Mentoring, a lady suggested that I’m a bit like a wedding planner, but for homes. I was initially taken aback, but it made a lot of sense when I considered it further.

Let’s take a look at the similarities between planning a wedding and planning a new custom build or renovation;

    • They are significant on a personal level.
    • They signify the start of a new era or time in our life.
    • We might experience them only once (or twice) in a lifetime.
    • Their planning can sometimes span over several years.
    • They require important and timely decision-making.
    • Lots of elements need to come together effectively to ensure their success.
    • They require a significant financial investment.
    • They require a significant investment of our time.
    • Their planning can cause stress and relationship angst, especially when trying to get on the same page as your significant other.
    • They can lead to massive budget blowouts and lingering debt when not managed properly.
    • Their poor planning can lead to underwhelming results.

Okay, I concede. There is a lot of similarity between planning a wedding and a home. But there is one key difference.

A wedding is planned for success on one day; a crescendo if you like. Of course, the fun and memories of the days will live forever in your minds and hearts. But the wedding experience starts and finishes on that day, and if you have blown your budget, the debt will hang around longer.

When we plan a home build, the impacts of our decision-making and investment are felt and experienced for much longer, decades even. There is nothing like the buzz and excitement of the move-in day, but that is only the first of many days when your new home will impact how you live and connect with your family.


When planning a wedding, your wedding planner is not there to choose your attire, flowers, or venue; they bring systems, organisational strategies and budgeting to the planning. In addition, they likely have contacts and inside knowledge about the best and most cost-applicable services to engage.

As your Home Build Mentor, I do not choose your style, size or budget. I bring systems, organisational strategies and budgeting to your planning. You come in with big hopes and dreams, and together we devise a plan for success.

Building or renovating your home needn’t be too daunting or overwhelming when you are supported. Now I can’t help you with your wedding, but if you want to undertake a new custom build or reno and want to get it right, then I’ve got your back.