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How long is a piece of string?

Builders– If you had a dollar for every time you used this chestnut of a line, you wouldn’t be building any more. You’d be kicking back on an island with a cocktail in hand.

Homeowners How often have you heard this line when starting a new custom build or renovation project? Enough times to make you want to pull your hair out, I’m sure.

It can be infuriating, but unfortunately, ‘How long is a piece of string?’ is the only accurate response a builder can give before the parameters and intentions for your project have been set.

Custom building and renovating is just that, custom. Asking a builder or designer to forecast your project’s eventual outcome and cost before any planning or design is impossible.

Planning is the key. And with proper planning, it is possible to determine the approximate length of your string before you start- In fact, it’s the entire premise of the Home Build Mentoring foundation program.

The length of your metaphorical string is determined based on the size, complexity and specification level of your intended custom build or renovation works. And the length of the string will inform your construction cost.

If we discover your string is getting too long, we can modify your intentions to shorten its length within acceptable realms.

And I tell you what, shortening the length of a metaphorical piece of string is far easier, cheaper and less stressful than attempting to amputate your intended new home build or reno project come construction pricing time.

So how long is your piece of string? Let’s work it out together.