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The True Cost of Building- ‘Time’ Edition

Costs are inevitable when building and renovating. Last newsletter edition , we spoke of money, but today let’s touch on another of your valuable life currencies- Your ‘time’.  

Unlike money, our time is limited. In that once spent, we can’t get it back.

Expectations and momentum are the two main considerations for your time in relation to your project. Let’s consider each.


Certain processes are needed to administer your project effectively.

It isn’t possible to fast-track the process simply because you want the project completed sooner than is realistically possible.

Estimating the overall timeframe for your project, then kicking-off relative to your desired finish date is a sensible strategy. If you learn the process will take longer than is preferable, consider redirecting your intended path to avoid planning or other manageable contributing factors.


Most time blowouts are the result of backtracking and redirecting for reasons including;

    • Wrong designer selection
    • Town planning hurdles or roadblocks
    • Re-design and permit amendments due to budget blowout
    • On-site variations due to lacking documentation or changes on the run.

Rushing the design and preparation stages will inevitably bite you on the bum later, halting your project’s eventual momentum.

Investing your time in the early planning stages may feel counter-productive, but it’s a valuable investment in protecting your future time.


Our day to day lives are busy. Finding the time to instigate your home build project on top of everything can feel like mission impossible, but the key is using your allocated time to maximum effect.

Projects don’t finish on time just because we want them to. Timeline forecasting, considered decision-making and engaging in the right relationships are keystone actions to protect your ‘time’ and the timeline of your project.