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Christmas isn’t about Presents or Perfect Homes.

We can put a lot of pressure on ourselves to create a perfect Christmas, with a perfect home featuring a perfectly decorated tree and a perfectly laid out table. But perfection is a silly goal for our silly season, and we need to let it go.


We learnt long ago that Christmas isn’t about presents. Sure, the gifts can be awesome as a kid or even as an adult, but it’s not what the day is really about. And the same is true of our homes.

Sure, it would be amazing if your home was as grand and fancy as you dream of or admire on Insta, but with Christmas upon us, the ability to change the physicality of your home is redundant. And do you know what? It doesn’t matter because Christmas isn’t about having a perfect home; it’s about people and coming together.


2022 was another rocky year for our residential construction industry and it may well have caused havoc on your ambition or road to renovate or build.

  • You may have been spooked by the rising interest rates and building costs and have yet to make a start.
  • You may have hit a roadblock learning that your build cost is far more than expected.
  • Your anticipated finish date might have been pushed back due to unprecedented rain days or material delays and will be finished later than expected.

Whatever the status of your home build journey or your home’s state, we can only deal with what is and not with what if.


When I reflect on my favourite Christmas memories, not one involves the perfection of the setting. Our homes are merely the backdrop to the fun and festivities the day will bring. And while you might wish the size and style of your home were different, at this very moment, it’s not, and it doesn’t matter. Christmas is about your people, and if you are all together, that’s all that really matters.


From the bottom of my heart, I wish every one of you the most wonderful Christmas. May your homes be the perfect backdrop to sensational meals, belly laughs, terrible bon-bon jokes and backyard cricket.


Then, after the dust settles and the tree comes down, and you still feel that urge to change your home, reach out. Let’s make 2023 the year you kick-start your new custom build or major reno.